Your web site is up and running and can remain untouched for quite some time, except for one of the most important parts - your listings section!

Your clients expect their property to be displayed promptly and kept current with fresh pictures and content. Presenting your clients listings in a very professional and unique manner can be one of your greatest listing tools!

Here's the do you create listings on your web site and modify them immediately, without having to pay someone or even having to know anything about web design?

Here's the answer...I have personally had 10 years of heavy web design/development experience. Over the years I would create my own listing pages for our clents. The problem was to do it right it would take at least 30 - 45 minutes per listing.

NOTE: if you can read and barely type, you can use this tool to its fullest!

Although an important issue, this was entirely too much time invested. So I recently decided to create a web based tool (you don't have to buy or load any software to your computer or web server) that actually "grabs" property information, images, virtual tours and other media links you just loaded into MLS - but you (or me) don't have to do any work to get it done - TIME IS MONEY!

This "ala carte" solution has worked so well for me and several others that I decided promote it to other agents. It makes no difference how or who hosts your site, this can easily be "installed" into your current site

I encourage you to to try out the demo and see how easy and powerful this tool is and how it can help you in your business!

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